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World Society for Ekistics at Habitat III

Ekistics and the New Urban Agenda for Sustainable Development

World Society for Ekistics - Oceanic Group 

Habitat III Urban Library, 20th Oct, 3 pm.

The Centre for Design Innovation will host a Side Event at the United Nations Habitat III, in the Urban Library, Casa de la Cultura Ecuatoriana, Quito, Ecuador Housing and Sustainable Urban Development.

Our goal is to bring people together to understand habitat.  Watch this space, and Twitter, hashtags.


The New Urban Agenda calls for “a radical paradigm shift in the way cities and human settlements are planned, developed, governed and managed.” In responding to this challenge, we promote Ekistics as a key framework for supporting the New Urban Agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals.

Our aim is to connect the practice of Ekistics with sustainable development practice for all types of human settlement: urban, rural or remote; traditional or modern; formal or informal; in developed or lesser developed contexts. We also aim to extend the Ekistics framework in terms of how we now understand settlement sustainability, liveability and human well-being through the complex and adaptive dynamics at play.

Through the promotion of a complex systems approach to applying the Ekistics framework, we intend to build on Ekistics Theory’s global achievements in influencing urban policy and planning processes over the last 50 years and extend them into the short, medium and long-term futures for human settlements.

We launch an on-line Ekistics Journal supporting the Habitat III New Urban Agenda under the UN Sustainable Development Goals. It promotes an initiative on behalf of the World Society for Ekistics—Oceanic Group, hosted by the Centre for Design Innovation Research (CDI), Swinburne University of Technology, Melbourne, Australia.

The e-journal will highlight the importance of the human-centred experience, our relationship to our natural and designed habitat, and the prospect of achieving urban simplicity in the amenity of the settlement. We invite conversations in the e-journal of Ekistics that address the relationship between the whole and a specific concern such as the settlement and social cohesion and equity, liveability, migration and refugees in urban areas, safer cities, spatial development, urban ecology, cities and climate change, food and the city, disaster risk management, urban housing and basic services, and housing and informal settlements.

It will be both research-oriented, double-blind peer-reviewed, and practice-based, connecting deep knowledge in the topic area to the driving need for new patterns of sustainable development practice. We invite attendees to contribute to future editions.


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