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Science Island

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Science Island is a free online computer game that promotes STEM learning (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) to children globally (aged 10 – 12) by communicating scientific principles in a "cool" and "scientifically accurate" way.

Containing stories, games, animations, experiments and quizzes, Science Island represents over 50,000 hours of research and development by 250+ final-year digital media design students, collaborating with scientists from the world's most prestigious institutions.

The content of Science Island game is based on science-based questions posed by students at the Kasese Humanist Primary School (KHPS) in Uganda. (depending on the Ugandan internet).

In 2012, Swinburne University developed an educational partnership with KHPS, which at the time had 360 students and only three computers, providing $20,000 in funding to set up a computer lab to facilitate shared learning initiatives.

The new computer lab included the making the building (concrete mixer and water pump), furniture, electricity supply, broadband internet, night time security guards, 10 new computers a scanner and data projector. The computer lab was completed in December 2012 and computer classes have been running throughout 2013 - 2015

In 2014 – 2015 Swinburne and affiliates committed approximately $80,000 to the KHPS partnership, developing an entire new campus for the school including administrative buildings, classrooms, a school hall, a new computer lab, library, vocational workshop and two large chicken coops to provided eggs for the 450 children (of which 1/6 are orphans) attending the school.

The motto of the Kasese Humanist Primary School is “with science we can progress”.

(Science Island is currently in its beta stage and due for launch in 2016).


***Science Island Intro with Jean Pool from Swinburne Digital Media Design on Vimeo.


Khps thanking Swinburne University Short from Swinburne Digital Media Design on Vimeo.

KHPS Students thanking Swinburne from Swinburne Digital Media Design on Vimeo.


dinosaurs from Swinburne Digital Media Design on Vimeo.




Science Story                                                                                                     




Jean Pool      

Dr. Pamela L Gay

Assistant Research Professor, astrophysics

Southern Ilinois University Edwardsville 


I See The Moon

Dr. Debra Hurwitz Postdoctoral fellow at the LPI-JSC Center for Lunar Science and Exploration, Houston, Texas. Graduate Department of Geosciences at Brown University,

Johnson Cape Cosmos Center, Lunar and Planetary Institute Houston, Texas, and Brown University


The Lost Star


Dr. Ed Fenimore

Laboratory fellow, astrophysics

Los Alamos National Lab


Where on Earth is Heaven?

Fr. Paul Gabor

Vice Director, Vatican Observatory Research Group in


Vatican Observatory, Charles University Prague and Large Hadron Collider at CERN


Bob and the Moon

Laura Kruger

Laboratory research manager NASA’s Lunar University Network for Astrophysics Research (LUNAR) team.

University of Colorado Boulder, NASA’s Lunar University Network 



Dr. Lam Hon Ming

Professor, School of Life Sciences, Director, Molecular Biotechnology Program

The Chinese University of Hong Kong 


I'm an Eskimo

Dr. Grant McCall

Associate, Department of Anthropology

The University of Sydney


Little Sister

Dr. Kim Jae M.D, PhD

Associate Clinical Professor of Pediatrics

University of California San Diego


The Universe

Dr. Andrew Hanson

Senior measurement scientist and Outreach Manager

UK’s National Physical Laboratory



Dr. Roarke Horstmeyer

Graduate Student, Biophotonics Laboratory, Electrical Engineering department.

California Institute of Technology


Energy Ville

Dr. Daniel M. Kammen

Director of Renewable and Appropriate Energy Laboratory (RAEL), Professor in the Energy and Resources Group Energy and Resources Group (ERG), Professor of Public Policy Goldman School of Public Policy

University of California, Berkeley


Billy and the Bone

Professor Christopher Ramsey 

Deputy Director RLAHA, Director of Oxford Radiocarbon Accelerator Unit Professor of Archaeological Science 

Oxford University


The Mysterious Skeleton              

Dr. Peter Brown

 Chair in Palaeoanthropology

University of New England 


Grim Hazard (smoking)

Dr. Felix Naughton

Senior Research Associate, Department of Public Health and Primary Care

University of Cambridge


Elias, the Earth and its Revolution

Dr Rosemary Mardling 

Senior Lecturer, astrophysics

School of Mathematical Sciences, Monash University

All Eyes on Billy

Dr. Diane Webster

Associate Professor, Consultant Ophthalmologist in Surgical Ophthalmic services

Royal Victorian Eye and Ear Hospital


The Snowy Mountain

Dr. Robert R. Gillies

Director of the Utah Climate Center at Utah State University (USU) and State Climatologist for the State of Utah. 

Utah State University


The Journey of Water Cycle

Dr Russell Crosbie

Team Leader, Hydrology Northern Australia and Tasmania Sustainable Yields Projects and the Water Information Research and Development Alliance (WIRADA) project in collaboration with the Australian Bureau of Meteorology.



The Colour Trip

Professor Stephen Westland

Professor of Colour Science and Technology, Faculty Director of Impact and Innovation, Acting Pro-Dean for Research, Faculty of Performance, Visual Arts and Communications, 

 The University of Leeds


Campfire Safety

Dr. Vyto Babrauskas

President of Fire Protection Engineering

Fire Science and Technology Inc.


Get Well Soon Professor Trevor Duke Director of the Centre for International Child Health, the Deputy Director and the Clinical Director of the Royal Children's Hospital ICU.

University of Melbourne/Royal Childrens Hospital


Lucy's Dream Professor John Sutton Deputy Director Department of Cognitive Science

Macquarie University


The Hungry Honey Possum Dr. Greg Baxter Senior Lecturer, Centre for Spatial Environmental Research (CSER), Landscape Ecology and Conservation

The University of Queensland


The Amazing Fossil Dr. Thomas Rich Senior Curator, Vertebrate Palaeontology and Palaeobotany

Museum Victoria, Australia


Fossil Rock

Doris Seegets Villiers

PHD candidate,Taphonomy Palynology Palaeobotany Palaeoclimate

Monash University


Dinosaurs are AWESOME!

Priscilla Gaff

Program Coordinator of Life Science 

Melbourne Museum


Life Out There Dr. Jade Carter-Bond Astrobiologist, composition of extrasolar terrestrial planets

UNSW Australian Centre for Astrobiology


Sprout of Life Dr. Ed Newbigin Associate Professor, plant breeding systems, cell wall biosynthesis in plants (Plant molecular biology, self-incompatibility, cellulose synthase, polysaccharide)

The University of Melbourne 


Daniel and Dr. Pascal Dr. Joachim Ribbe Associate Professor of Climatology

University of Southern Queensland in Australia


Let's Measure Rain Dr. Linden Ashcroft Program Manager, ClimateWatch at Earthwatch Institute

Earthwatch Institute, The University of Melbourne


The Cyclone Angela Fritz Atmospheric scientist

Fahren Heights Underground, CNN, Valparaiso University, Georgia Institute of Technology


Fog Jacob Wycoff Meteorologist at Fahren Heights Bug

Fahren Heights Underground, Western Connecticut State University


Earth What? Earthquake! Dr. Hing- Ho Tsang Senior Lecturer, Faculty of Science, Engineering and Technology

Swinburne University of Technology


A Thunderstorm Dr. Harald Richter Bureau of Meteorology Research Centre (BMRC) National Manager for in-service forecaster training

Bureau of Meteorology, Monash University, Centre of Australian Fahren Heights and Climate Research (CAWCR)


Rainy Day Adventure Dr. Sophie Lewis Academic, Earth Sciences ARC Centre of Excellence for Climate System Science.

The University of Melbourne


Grandma's Glasses Dr. Laurence Sullivan Corneal Specialist. specialising in the medical and surgical treatment of diseases of the front of the eye, including small incision refractive Cataract Surgery,

Founder of Bayside Eye Specialists. Clinical Associate at the University of Melbourne Department of Ophthalmology and the Centre for Eye Research Australia. 

Race and Mankind Professor Steve Webb Palaeoanthropology, Australian Studies, Biological Anthropology and Pre-History

Australian National University, Bond University


Emma's Flowers Professor Peter Kershaw Professor Emeritus of Geography and Environmental Science

Monash University


The Universe Dr. Andrew Hanson Outreach Manager at National Physical Laboratory, UK

UK’s National Physical Laboratory


The Universe

Dr. Patrick Josephs-Franks Fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society

Royal Astronomical Society UK, Institute of Physics in the UK 


The Universe Peter Woolliams Higher Research Scientist at National Physical Laboratory

UK’s National Physical Laboratory


Cape Cosmos Stars Glen Nagle Visitor Centre Manager, CSIRO Astronomy and Cape Cosmos Science

Canberra Deep Cape Cosmos Communication Complex (CDSCC); a part of NASA’s Deep Cape Cosmos Network.


Samantha's Galactic Adventure

Professor Michael G Burton

Professor in the School of Physics. Fellow Astronomical Society of Australia (FASA)

The University of New South Wales


Science To The Max Dr Malika Virah-Sawmy Adjunct Lecturer, Geography and the Environment  

The University of New South Wales


What Is Nature?

Alison Ang

Assistant Director, Assessment Literacy

Ministry of Education, Singapore


A Corny Mystery Professor Herwig Leirs Dean of the Faculty of Science. Professor in the Department of Biology, Evolutionary Ecology Group. 

University of Antwerp, Belgium


Rock Zone Matthew Bliss PhD Candidate School of Earth Sciences

University of Melbourne.


Will Mum Be Okay? Dr. Bridget Haire Vice President of Australian Federation of AIDS Organisations (AFAO)

The University of New South Wales


Ralph  Dr. Christina Chang Department of Infectious Diseases

Monash University, The Burnet Institute


Primates Matt Caruana PhD candidate, School of Geography, Archaeology and Environmental Studies

University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa


Seasons and Reasons Professor Sarah Maddison Centre for Astrophysics and Supercomputing 

Swinburne University of Technology


Seasons and Reasons Dr. Nicky Y. F. LAM Assistant Professor (School of Energy and Environment)

City Univeristy Hong Kong 


Mr Astro and the Sun Dr. Jeff Cooke Centre for Astrophysics and Supercomputing

Swinburne University of Technology


Centripetal Force Professor Robert K Y Li Professor and Associate Dean(CSE) Department of Physics and Materials Science

City University Hong Kong


Sam’s Cape Cosmos Mission Genevieve Shattow PhD Candidate, Centre for Astrophysics and Supercomputing

Swinburne University of Technology


Stations in Cape Cosmos Paola Oliva PhD Candidate, Centre for Astrophysics and Supercomputing

Swinburne University of Technology 


Blood  Dr. Lee Tin-Lap Associate Professor, School of Biomedical Sciences

The Chinese University of Hong Kong


Blood in Humans Dr Tang Mei Kuen, Florence Lecturer, School of Biomedical Sciences

The Chinese University of Hong Kong


Blood and You Dr MAK, Tony W.C Assistant Professor, surgical department of the Chinese University of Hong Kong

Chinese University of Hong Kong, Prince of Wales Hospital, Shatin


Mr. Blood Dr YAO Kwok Ming Associate Professor in the Department of Biochemistry

The University of Hong Kong


The Lizard and The Mouse Dr. Devi Stuart-Fox Senior Lecturer

The University of Melbourne


Invertebrate x Vertebrate Dr. Billy C.H. Hau Deputy Programme Director 

The University of Hong Kong


Invertebrate x Vertebrate Dr. Chiu, Jill Man Ying Assistant Professor

Hong Kong Baptist University


Vertebrates and Invertebrates Felicity Bradshaw Honorary Research Associate

The University of Western Australia


A Rainbow Tale Dr. Fred Watson Astronomer-in-Charge of the Australian Astronomical Observatory

Queensland University of Technology, University of Southern Queensland, Australian Astronomical Observatory


Mr Moon’s Gravity Georgios Vernardos PhD Candidate, Centre for Astrophysics and Supercomputing

Swinburne University of Technology


An Everyday Story of Disinfectant Dr. Yeung Wing Kin Director Yeung Wing Kin Clinic

Hong Kong Baptist Hospital


Powerful Water Professor Lai Yuk Fo, Derrick Director, Physical Geography Experimental Station, GRM

The Chinese University of Hong Kong


Kangaroos Professor Hon Ming LAM Professor, School of Life Sciences, Director, Molecular Biotechnology Program, CUHK

The Chinese University of Hong Kong


The Earth Professor KO Chung-Ming Director of Institute of Astronomy, NCU

National Central University, Taoyuan, Taiwan


Where Do Humans Come From? Dr Christophe Soligo Lecturer, Primate and Human Evolution, Biological Anthropology 

University of Zürich


Day and Night Anna Sippel PhD candidate Center for Astrophysics and Supercomputing

Swinburne University of Technology


You Are What You Eat Professor Neil Mann Department Head of Food Science and Nutrition 

Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology


Journey to the Moon Dr Helga Denes Astronomer, dark gas in the Milky Way, HI in galaxies

Australian National University


Zebra Land Dr. Amanda Embury Zoologist, Life Sciences Manager

Zoos Victoria


Tembo and Family Timothy J. Fullman PhD Candidate, Department of Geography

University of Florida


The Tortoise Dr. Peter Praschag Founder of Turtle Island, specialising in ecology, taxonomy and phylogeny of South Asian turtles

Karl-Franzens-University of Graz


Who Invented the Microscope? Dr. Martin Chan Research Assistant Professor, Department of Microbiology, CUHK

Chinese University of Hong Kong


Who Invented the Microscope? Professor Margaret Ip Honorary Consultant, Dept of Microbiology, Prince of Wales Hospital

Chinese University of Hong Kong


About Mammals Dr. CHEUNG Hon-Yeung Associate Professor of Department of Biology and Chemistry 

Chinese University of Hong Kong


Mammals with Dr Bulb Dr. TSE Ka Fai William Research Assistant Professor

Hong Kong Baptist University


Mammals – Do You Know? Dr. George Viche Akom Lecturer Faculty of Science, Department of Biology

The University of Hong Kong


Mammals – Do You Know? Professor Hsueh-Wen, Chang Professor of Ecology, Biostatistics, Population Genetics and Molecular Evolution

National Sun Yat-sen University


Are We Mammals? Dr. Girish Chandra Professor in zoology and entomology

Delhi University


Mammals Dr. S G Cheung Associate Professor of Department of Biology and Chemistry

City University Hong Kong





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