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Smart Kendo Analytics

Article by Ryan Malcolm

A Smart Equipment Engineering and Wearables Technology Design PhD student has been steadily advancing the quality of data acquisition in competitive Kendo over recent years. Mr Kwangyul ‘Daniel’ Jeong, a competitive Kendo athlete in his native South Korea, has developed a number of Kendo-specific wearables that can assist in technique development and scoring mechanics. 

Daniel has continuously sought innovative ways of improving score officiating, developing responsive clothing that is able to recognise the force and accuracy of a strike and convey these scoring strikes to the referees, removing the likelihood of contentious decisions that could be present with a more traditional sight-based scoring system.

Daniel has also created tools for technical analysis, such as the “Smart Kote Glove,” which covers a competitor’s wrist. Using a range of sensors, the glove analyses the grip pressure a competitor applies to their Kendo sword in a plethora of stances, which allows experienced Kendoka to refine the techniques of younger, aspiring Kendo competitors.

Daniel Jeong

Kwangyul ‘Daniel’ Jeong is currently completing his PhD at Swinburne, as part of the CDI’s Smart Equipment Engineering and Wearable...

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Prof. Tino Fuss

Professor of Health and Sports Technologies CDI Core Program Director: Smart Equipment Engineering and Wearable Technology Design Tino has a...

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